What are custom EOS account names used for?

EOS Name Service is the most comprehensive platform on the planet to register custom EOS account names. ENS is the best place to create a new EOS account.

EOS accounts are a core part of storing tokens, using dapps, deploying smart contracts, interacting with others, and more. Instead of a long string of random letters and numbers, EOS account names are short usernames that are between 1 and 12 characters long. You can use a custom EOS account name for:

  1. Your EOS wallet (easy to remember)
  2. Your dapp username (show off on the leaderboards)
  3. Your EOS smart contract (make it easy for users to recognize your official contracts)

While there is no guarantee that prices may appreciate, many name squatters have also started “investing” in custom EOS account names. The ENS Marketplace will allow you to sell custom EOS account names to anyone at a fixed price or in an EOS auction. The ENS Marketplace will launch very soon! Please subscribe to our Telegram Announcements Channel to stay up to date with the EOS Name Service.

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